The One Rule That Makes Getting Dressed SO Much Easier

This story is all too familiar: You hit the snooze button one too many times, barely have time to brush your teeth, and are stuck having to come up with an outfit in five minutes flat. Well, those days are officially behind you (yes, even on the mornings when you sleep through your alarm). Enter: the three-piece rule, the simple hack/fashion girl secret weapon that can help you pull together a polished look fast.
Let's break this life-saving solution down, shall we? Every on-point outfit is made up of three key elements, not including footwear. Look at your top and bottom as two of the core items — the third is where you can add a little more creativity, be it through an out-of-the-box accessory, statement piece of outerwear, or additional layer of clothing. It's that third piece that helps make an ensemble feel finished and makes you look like you put tons of thought and effort into your look (even if you only had a split second to actually put it together).
To fully understand this idea, we've crafted up four rad examples that show just how easy getting dressed can be. May your mornings never be stressed to the max again.

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