This Easy Hack Will Transform Your Living Room

Not to blow our own horn, but when it comes to home makeovers, we've mastered a DIY way to tackle practically every corner of our pad. We've got a hack for adding a queenly canopy to our bed and a trick for crafting stylish storage out of a pile of old crates. We could go on, but we'll save you time and just say that our Pinterest board makes any interior upgrades as easy as a trip to the craft store (okay, we're bragging). The one piece that's always evaded us, though, is the couch. It’s big, bulky, and obscenely expensive to replace. There's a reason so many of us make do with whatever the former tenants left behind — the couch has always been a big question mark, until now. Armed with just a few cans of spray paint, we've finally figured out a way to give it a completely new look, all for just 20 bucks, no less. Follow along with I Spy DIY craft queen Jenni Radosevich in the video tutorial above, and when your fab coat of paint has dried, use the extra cash to stock the bar with Chambord. You'll be hosting a sofa admiration party in no time.
P.S. Looking to cheers your new-and-improved space? The recipe for the cocktail shown at the end of this video is right here.

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