We Tried This Pinterest DIY—& Here's What We Looked Like

If I had known how trendy the solar system would be in 2017, I definitely would have paid more attention in science class and held on to those badass galaxy leggings I once work to an Avicii concert. (That's a story for another day.) Now, you can't make it two scrolls on Instagram without seeing something space-themed — from lipstick to highlighter, and even churros.
So, to keep up (on a budget), Lucie Fink and I decided to DIY our own galaxy lipsticks. Full disclosure: We are not the craftiest people nor are we makeup experts by any means, but we had a blast making them and think you might, too.
To start, we each chose two colors from an old eye shadow palette in our makeup bags. (I grabbed the Urban Decay Moondust palette, which already had shimmer in the colors, and Lucie used a more budget-friendly palette with matte colors and added the glitter after.)
We cut out the shadows, mixed them with plain lip balms, and then melted the concoction in the microwave until they were liquified. We poured the formula into empty lipstick containers and froze them until they were solid. We bantered back and forth with space puns while we waited, which is an important step you definitely shouldn't skip.
I was surprised by how much I liked the look in the end. While it isn't something I would wear everyday, it's a look that would go pretty damn well with galaxy leggings (if I can ever find them again).

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