Disneyland Just Brought Back Themed Colorful Churros

If you were a fan of Disneyland's galaxy Star Wars-themed churros, you might want to make another stop at the park. According to an Instagram post from @ktthedisneybear, Disney's California Adventure is now offering Cars-themed churros complete with colorful sprinkles at the Cozy Cone in Radiator Springs.
This post was originally published on May 9, 2017.
We thought we had rocketed past the galaxy food trend when we crossed into 2017, but you know what they say: trends, they always come back around. Still, we honestly didn't think this one would make its return so soon, but hey, we've learned our lesson post unicorn resurgence. Thanks to Disneyland's new Star Wars-themed treat, the comeback could be imminent.
The amusement park recently began selling what are being called Lightsaber Churros, and they have us thinking about making those Galaxy Doughnuts all over again. The churros are red and blue to look like the laser-like swords carried by the characters in Star Wars. You can chose which color you'd like, depending on your mood (walking around in the heat and crowds of Disneyland might make you feel like a bit of a Sith Lord, which we get). But even for people who don’t know a lick about the sci-fi world created by George Lucas or don't identify with any of the characters — not even a Sith — the Lightsaber Churros still might have some appeal.
The churros are definitely worth an Instagram post because they sparkle and shine and even feature star-shaped edible confetti. Popsugar alerted us to the reemergence of this trend, and it reports that the shining sugary beams of fried dough are only sold at the churro cart located right outside the Star Tours simulation ride in Disneyland.
Based on all the Instagram posts, it seems like the amusement park started selling the colorful churros in late April, and even though May the Fourth has past, visitors are still posting photos with their sweet swords. And, don't worry, according to a few different captions, they taste just as good as classic churros.

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