7 Ways To Be Memorable When Networking

Photographed by Nicolas Bloise.
The best awkward scenario in networking situations is when two people who have already met mutually forget having met each other in the past. No harm, no foul — reintroductions all around.
The worst awkward scenario, though, is when only one person remembers the initial interaction, leaving the other person feeling embarrassed, slighted, and a little bit invisible.
Making an interaction "memorable" isn't one person's responsibility. Sometimes, frequent-forgetters need to be a little more thoughtful when meeting others. (Not zoning out, for example, or putting away their phones.) Other times, meetings can take place in hectic environments in which everyone is scurrying around in the hopes of making a connection. Hectic networking situations can make it harder to leave a lasting impression.
But, there is a middle-ground to being more memorable that doesn't involve a song-and-dance routine. Want to know how to put it all together, step by step? Use the following tips, which include advice from lecturer, corporate advisor, and TED Talks mentor Soulaima Gourani, to stand out the next time you meet someone.

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