How To Invest Your Money In Your 20s

If anyone tells you their 20s was the best of time of their life, try asking: "Is that before or after you figured out how to manage your finances?" Sure, your 20s are thrilling; you're embarking on the beginnings of adulthood. But, they can be equally terrifying; you're navigating the much less-desired obligations of adulthood (bills, loans, and accepting the fact that you didn’t land a “dream job” out of college like you thought you would). While your financial situation will obviously differ from your fellow Millennial peers, there’s one thing all twentysomethings should have in common: the desire to establish good investment habits. 
"But, isn’t investing better left for when you’re making more money?" you might ask. According to Dominique Broadway — a financial planner, personal finance coach, and founder of De-mys-ti-fied & The Social Money Tour — this is a common assumption shared among twentysomethings. And, it's one you shouldn’t be making. “With investing, it grows bigger, it grows quicker, and it gives more financial freedom,” says Broadway, who at only 30 years old has already proven her investing prowess.
While certain types of investments might be obvious to you by now — like enrolling in a 401(k) if your employer offers a match contribution — others aren’t as clear. So, where else should you be “growing your nest egg” in your 20s? What if you don’t have much to invest, don’t know where to start, and terms like “Roth IRA” or “mutual fund” make your head spin? 
First and foremost, rest assured that it is completely okay and normal to not know where to begin. And, second, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. To help clarify the process and make it as unintimidating as possible, we sought out a few financial planning experts who specialize in helping millennials (particularly those with limited investment know-how). 
Take advantage of their professional advice and personal experience and see if you can turn their two cents into a bigger return for yourself.       

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