This DIY Trick Will Quickly Hem Your Skinny Jeans (& Give ‘Em An Update, Too)

If skinny jeans fit you right off the rack — well, congratulations. You are a unicorn among plebeians. But for shorties like myself, new jeans usually get taken right to the tailor where I'll spend $20 to shave off three inches. Or, more likely, they'll sit in their bags, unworn and uncropped, like in some sort of closet purgatory, because I'm too damn lazy to bring them to get hemmed. Over the years, I've concocted a variety of quick ways to shorten my jeans at home without the employment of a professional needle-wielder (see: here and here). My newest favorite technique is one that copies one of the biggest denim trends around these days. You've seen them in stores: They're jeans that sport raw mullet hems that are slightly shorter in the front and longer in the back. From the front, you get that ~super desirable~ two-inch gap between your pants and the top of your boots (btw, mine are Clarks' Breccan Myth), and in the back, there's a little more coverage. The step-by-step, above.

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