How To Get Christina Hendricks' Real-Life Photoshopped Look

Who knew, there's a whole world outside of Mad Men. Christina Hendricks is a chic woman living in the modern age using some very scientifically advanced beauty products, including the controversial Latisse eyelash-growth serum. Years of heavy mascara and fake eyleashes made her natural lashes frail and thin, but Hendricks says Latisse helped her get back lashes as full and striking as her figure. Now, she's started the Latisse Wishes Campaign with the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It turns out everyone's favorite "Mad Woman" is beautiful inside and out—and if you've seen her runway photos, you know she has an uncanny knack for contrasting unbelievably clear, glowing skin with fiery red locks (which she's been dying since the ripe old age of 10). She thanks Shu Uemura cleanser and Lancôme Génifique for her spotless complexion. Hendricks keeps in-character off the set with her love of vintage style, and has even helped design some of the signature figure-flattering dresses worn by Joan Harris (née Holloway). And, of course, the major similarity between Christina and Joan is their classically gorgeous, technicolor-perfect looks! Check out the products that help take that unreal beauty from the screen to the streets here, here. (Stylelist)

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