5 Tips For Better Skin This Month

Illustrated by Sarah Quatrano.
Tip #1: Give Double-Cleansing A Try
Before you give double-cleansing the boot for a flashy new trend like double-masking, hear us out. Japanese women have been doing it for centuries to remove their makeup, which consisted of a paint-based white metallic foundation. While most of us aren't wearing paint-based products on a daily basis, starting with an oil-based cleanser or even a face wipe, like Olay {See Spot Swipe!} Oil-Reducing Wet Cloths, and then following up with a frothy face wash can be plenty helpful when you're dealing with summer's sweat and grime.

Tip #2: R
inse Well
You're familiar with the shampoo, rinse, and repeat protocol, but you might want to pay attention to the suds hanging around your hairline and back. See, the runoff from your hair-care products can clog your pores. And, when combined with the inevitable dirt and oils from hazy summer days, it can lead to major unwanted breakouts. Make sure to rinse until the water runs clear, and give your back a good scrub before you hop out of the shower.

Tip #3:
Beach-ify Your Makeup
If you're not the type to totally ditch your beauty routine just because you're heading to the beach, try lightening your makeup load with these choice picks by celebrity makeup artist Pati Dubroff. She shares her favorite lightweight BB creams, waterproof eye makeup, and moisturizing balms — the keys to a summer-perfect routine.

Tip #4:
Embrace Humidity Skin
There's a fine line between oily skin and dewy skin. The former is an unflattering slick, the latter a soft, effervescent glow. Just keep blotting papers handy for midday touch-ups during summer when sweat and grime can make your pores work overtime and produce more oil.

Tip #5: Stop Sabotaging Your Skin
Are you getting the most out of your skin-care routine? Chances are, you're not. From using too much or too little product to the way you're storing all your potions, there's a myriad of ways that you're sabotaging your skin without realizing it. Good thing we've got the fix to every saboteur.

Seemingly every other day, a new study comes out claiming that a particular super-ingredient is the cure-all to your skin woes or that a new farm-to-vanity regimen is the answer to Photoshop perfection. To cut through the clutter, we’ve teamed up with Olay to bring you Face Forward, our newest column dedicated to delivering what you need to know for your best skin yet — no frills, just the real deal. Read up — your perfect skin awaits.

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