How To Eliminate Dull Skin For Good, According To A Derm

In a world where skin that looks like the sun is radiating from every pore is the aspiration, having dull skin can be, well, dull. The appearance of glowing skin can be achieved with highlighters and illuminators, but for true radiance, your only real option is a careful skin-care regimen. Before you make a dash for the skin-care aisle, it helps to know whether you have dull vs. dry skin. According to dermatologist Tiffany L. Clay, MD, a general lack of vibrancy and glow are signs of dullness whereas dry skin may peel or crack, have a tight sensation, or may also develop itching or eczema-like rashes.
“Someone may have dull skin that is not vibrant or glowing, however this can occur independent of dryness,” she says. “Dry skin tends to appear dull because moisture is needed to give skin an appearance of having that healthy glow.”
After you figure out your particular dull-skin symptoms, then comes the fun part: finding products. From facial peels packed with resurfacing AHAs and BHAs to exfoliants like SheaMoisture’s vitamin-rich Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Hand & Body Scrub, you can banish dull skin once and for all. For more of Dr. Clay’s expert tips and our skin-care recs, read on and get glowing.

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