15 Signs You’re Faking Your Way Through Grown-Up Life

Look. We're not big fans of milestones around here. There's no one thing you have to have done by 25, and no universal sign that you are an Officially Certified Grown-Up Person. We all bloom at different times and in different ways.
We all have a few of those friends — those suspiciously wizened 22-year-olds who bemoan the loss of bygone youth and refer to the end of a four-month relationship as "divorce." Those ones. Those are the fakers. And, we felt that they could benefit from a little perspective. Couldn't we all, when it comes right down to it? Haven't we all slipped into the occasional trap of fake adulthood?
Adulthood isn't about what you do or what you have, so much as it's about not acting like a child — the kind of child who harangues their parents with financial advice while still hanging out on the family phone plan. The signs of fake adulthood are a plethora of paradoxes, many of which this very staff has been guilty of over the years. If you see yourself in any of these situations, fear not. Escaping fake adulthood is a lot easier than growing up, getting a job, and renting an apartment. You just need to stop playing house.

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