New To Foundation? This Makes It Easy.

Photographed by BriAnne Wills.
Sometimes the basics can be the hardest to get right. Factor in myriad product options — in an almost-infinite number of shades and finishes — and you have a serious challenge for even the most seasoned beauty pro. But fret not: We’re here to help! We’re breaking down the beauty basics to make it easy to create a flawless, customized look of your own. Welcome to Beauty 101.

Besides sticky-and-sweet lip gloss — and maybe even hair glitter — the first cosmetic many of us reached for during our formative years was some sort of base product. But, as you likely know, that doesn't make the art of perfect foundation any easier today.
Color complexion products help create an even canvas to build any beauty look from, not to mention that they help diffuse and cover any unwanted blemishes or discoloration on the skin. But in today's beauty world there's an overwhelming number of different primers, alphabet creams, concealers, foundations, and powders on the market — and it's not always clear how to use 'em.
Worry not, because on the slides ahead we're breaking down every type of base product and how to apply it. We warn you, however, not to think of the information as hard-and-fast rules: A lot of pros apply products in a lot of different ways. Instead, think of the advice ahead as tips and tricks for helping you discover the way that works best for you.
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