Yes, You Can Air-Dry Your Hair In Cold Weather

Thanks to our obsession with model-off-duty hair, plenty of us have started to both embrace our natural textures and air-dry our hair. All summer long, we reveled in our ability to wake up an hour later than usual, roll out of bed, and step out the door without so much as glancing at a hot tool. But now that winter is upon us, you may be wondering: Can I still air-dry or will I be forced to lose precious sleep due to my necessary blowdry jail sentence?
Well, don't you worry. Air-drying in the winter is harder, but it's definitely doable. We chatted with two pros to figure out how to keep your strands looking fly when it's cold out — without blasting them with heat.
Just two things to keep in mind. First, air-drying in the winter is preferably a do-it-while-you-sleep activity. Meaning, if you simply transition your hair routine from a.m. to p.m., you're less likely to inflict damage on your hair (or risk it freezing). Second, a microfiber towel is going to be your new BFF. It's perfect for blotting moisture out of any hair type without wrecking its texture.
Cool with all that? Then, onward! Winter-approved, lazy-girl hair awaits.

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