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You Will Not Believe How Maybelline Baby Lips Are Made

You need to see the pink lip balm being hosed into buckets...

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It takes a lot for a lip balm to impress a beauty editor, but the first time we saw Maybelline Baby Lips, our whole office let out a collective squeal of excitement. With their bubble fonts and cheery colors, they were so cute and colorful — and affordable enough to stash in every single one of our bags. We've been hooked on them ever since, and we're definitely not the only ones.
Now, one Baby Lips balm or gloss is sold every three seconds in the world, effectively turning this drugstore newbie into a cult classic. We wanted to know how the brand keeps up with all that demand, so we headed to its manufacturing facility to find out. There, Maybelline walked us through every step, from mixing the wax, oil, and pigment powders to hosing the liquid into giant plastic vats to cool (our favorite step). Once it's solid, the mixture is cut into large chunks and placed into a kettle to melt before it's poured into metal molds.
The coolest part of the entire thing? To ensure that the Baby Lips balm can withstand a fall without breaking, Maybelline manufacturers perform an in-lab drop-test. If the balm passes the drop test without a scratch, it's ready to be sealed with a label, boxed up, and shipped off to stores around the country. If not, it's back to square one.
Watch the video above to see the entire production process, which will make you love and appreciate your baby blue tube even more.
How Maybelline Baby Lips Balm Is Made And ManufacturedReleased on July 5, 2018

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