How Cool Are These? Natalia Brilli's Super-Embossed Fall Bags

In this cyber-overexposed age, privacy is a definite luxury, especially when it comes to the random crap&mdasher, absolute necessities--lurking Mary Poppins-style at the bottom of our handbags. (Is there anything more traumatizing than having a club bouncer pull out your birth control pills while rifling for firearms, or being seen carrying one of those horrible plastic see-through totes? We think not.) And though we love a little mystery, we love Natalia Brilli's X-ray vision-style embossed leather bags and accessories for fall '09 even more. Brilli's latest batch of hard-core cases, clutches, wallets, passport covers, and handbags come stamped with the tell-tale indentations of everyday items: contact lens, credit cards, sunglasses (our favorite), laptop keyboards, pens, and airport security-baiting scissors and scalpels. We like to think of them as clever little disguises designed to protect the identity of the unexplainable goods you're really packing.

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