House Of Holland Brings Back Babydolls & Mermaid Scales (You Ready?)

When you're a magpie at heart like Henry Holland is, more is more, especially with trends and textures. However, there's a fine line between looking eclectic and looking like you got dressed on mushrooms. And, that line is one Holland's toeing and defining in his fall collection. His individual pieces are never all that wacky (though, the conservatives among us might disagree), but the way Holland puts looks together is of the Susie Bubble and Lynn Yaeger school of styling: You either get it (and love it!) or you don't.
For this collection, Holland turned the dial to 11, mixing and matching fabrics and genres with exuberance. Crepe satin pieces and fur-tufted pumps might prove a little too finicky for the average woman's wardrobe (and her dry-cleaning budget), but they were fun additions nevertheless. A few felt like throwbacks we aren't quite ready for (babydoll dresses, round paillette embellishments, and exaggerated Wednesday Addams-style pointed collars). But, we're loving some of the exhumed pieces, including the elastic-hemmed metallic track pants, the '70s-style psychedelic shearling shawl coats, and a two-word T-shirt emblazoned with "Rich Bish" (a Holland original). For those of us who prefer clashing to cohesive, it's an opportunity to resurrect some old favorites — and wear them all at once, of course.

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