Honest Twitter Bios For Your Favorite Celebs

Twitter bios: They're digital calling cards for the modern age. They're a Twitter user's chance to summarize him or herself perfectly and punchily in a few pithy statements. They're quippy taglines for the self-promotion era. 
Some celebrities get them oh-so-right. Actor Adam Scott, for example, deems himself a "dancer, poet." Diane Keaton uses her Twitter bio to quote Diane Arbus and link to her Pinterest boards. Judy Blume wins everything with "Are You There, Twitter? It's Me, Judy." 
For these other stars, well, let's just say that their current bios are perfectly perfunctory. We think they could be selling themselves a little differently (more succinctly, honestly, and hilariously). 'Cause hey girl, Ryan Gosling should not be letting us down with absolutely no bio on Twitter. 

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