5 Cozy, Travel-Friendly Outfits To Head Home In For The Holidays

You've given your outfits 100% all year long. But come mid-December, it's okay to dial things back a bit. Because if there's any time leggings and blanket scarves and furry slides can and should become your uniform, it's when you're heading home for the holidays. (No one's looking to deal with travel delays in starchy trousers. And we mean no one.)
Still, we understand if you want your off-duty outfits to be on-point. That's why sleek bomber jackets, sparkly socks, and colorful track pants are all fair game for looking good while feeling comfy. And even if you have to bundle up to head home to even colder weather, there's no reason to not put your own personal touch on things. With that in mind, we've pulled together five travel-ready outfits for when you're homeward bound. Remember: Leggings may be a go-to, but they're not the only option for traveling in comfort.