H&M Read Our Minds With a New Collection That’s Comfy & Just A Little Bit Dressed Up

At this point in the program — the program being a dramedy titled What Else Could This Year Possibly Throw At Us — you might be feeling the inexplicable urge to get dressed up. This does check out, given that we've been deprived of most events that call for disco pants since March, but what if there was a way to revive some of that special-occasion feeling — while maintaining the non-stop comfort from which we might never recover?
To up the ante from "WFH" to "smart-casual WFH," consider H&M's Fall 2020 collection, where you'll find sweatshirts and house dresses alongside in-season dark florals, some Big Collar Energy, and a not insignificant amount of leather. No, none of the looks ahead involve taffeta ball gowns, but in a time when fleece has become the true fabric of our lives, even a little bit of effort counts for a lot.
Warning: This Peter Pan-collar sweatshirt may induce staring at yourself during video meetings. Your bottom half, though out of frame, is equally attention-grabbing in a leather mini — yes, it's probably been a minute since you thought to wear one, but a) breathability and b) keep getting fully dressed. That this fit is reminiscent of a certain spooky, midweekly named daughter only comes as a bonus.
And they said denim was dead. Not so when it's roomy, mom-cut jeans and their Canadian tuxedo other half, accented with a hot pink top and accessories you could definitely invent the next viral dance sequence in.
Here, we're recalling '90s grunge, not the other kind one might associate with early-quar unkemptness. Mixed prints in the same color family help keep the ensemble from getting too busy, while a knit beanie adds the coziness we won't soon give up.
Why yes, that is a leather dress. It might feel like A Bit Much for your living room, but that's what a self timer is for: documenting a monochromatic Scandi-Gallic hybrid that could've walked straight off the Fall 2020 runway. Styling note: Tuck the blouse in so that only the collar protrudes. 

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