Hitchcock Meets Godard in Lorick's Fall '09 Lookbook

Photographer Tom Hines describes Lorick's fall '09 lookbook (which comes on a matte poster inspired by salon style Godard posters) like a game of telephone. "You get somewhere and it's hard to trace back to the origin, but some of the spirit remains," Art/Design Director Roanne Adams (who's also our studiomate...not to brag or anything...) says. Channeling the themes of French New Wave film The Bride Wore Black while incorporating "Hitchcock's narrative sensibilities," the images are dark, uncannily eerie shots of girls lying on ice cubes and roaming around ghostly estates, all the while wearing gauzy skirts that billow up in the wind. The narrative eventually ends in death, a pretty gruesome end to this pretty fairy tale. How utterly cinematic.


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