How To Pick The Right Highlighter For Your Skin Tone

I'll never forget my worst day of fourth grade: I got supremely butthurt over losing the spelling bee because I mucked up the word 'jaguar'. I pouted for days and decided that I hated my classmate, Kristy, who took home the title and the cheap plastic trophy. Only later did I realize that spelling on cue wasn't my calling, but I excelled as a cub reporter for the school newspaper. I went on to be recognized with my very own certificate of achievement — and wouldn't have traded it for the world, let alone a trophy.
The point here is that everyone shines, just in different ways. The same goes for highlighter, too. Some brands might tout its illuminators as "universally flattering," but not all golds, silvers, and shimmery Champagnes work for every complexion.
"The best way to find a highlighter that's right for you is to look at your own skin tone," makeup artist Dana Delaney, who works with Solange, says. "Look for a highlight shade that's two shades lighter than your skin." That way, your glow will look natural versus galactic (unless that's your thing). Celeb makeup artist Nick Barose agrees: “You want to pick a highlighter almost the same way that you would pick a foundation — it should look like a part of your skin — as opposed to a disco ball."
Ahead, top makeup pros give their best tips for picking the right highlighter for your complexion — so you can shine in a way that's right for you.

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