Hero Cosmetics Just Launched A Mighty Patch For Your Chin Breakouts

As a teenager, my face was a pepperoni pizza of breakouts. However, as I moved into my twenties, spotty foreheads and cheeks eventually disappeared, but clusters of cystic acne on my jawline remained. Treating them became a never-ending game of Whack-A-Mole: Whenever one stubborn chin zit eventually deflated, another would show up. At 29, my hormonal acne has calmed down for the most part, but I still get congested in my T-zone. Gentle scrubs and clearing serums help, but now, I have a new, formidable tool on my side: the just-launched Mighty Patch Chin.
I’ve talked about my acne routine before, but if there’s one star of the show, it’s the Mighty Patch hydrocolloid dots. Now, the patches have expanded (literally and figuratively) to a family of Mighty Patches, including specially shaped ones for the nose, cheeks, and forehead that launched earlier this year as the Face pack.  “It was really interesting because once we launched Mighty Patch Face, people wanted [to buy] the pieces separately — and the most requested piece was chin,” Hero Cosmetics founder and CEO Ju Rhyu tells me.
I’ve long used the brand’s XL Mighty Patch Surface patches before to address clusters of whiteheads and clogged pores on my jawline and chin, and listen: They work, but even I’ll admit that the fit is far from a 10/10. “Surface is great when you have a large, flat area,” explains Rhyu. “So a lot of time was spent understanding the curves of the chin area and really finding the right places to have those indentations [in the patch], so it wouldn’t get all wrinkled when you apply it.” Fourteen iterations later, they arrived at the Mighty Patch Chin sticker I’m wearing below. From far away (and if you're as nearsighted as I am), you almost can't notice that I have a large, clear patch on my face. The finish is a sheer, soft matte that blends into the skin pretty well given the size, and as Rhyu mentioned, the notches enable it to hug my chin.
If you've ever used hydrocolloid patches before, you know the drill: Apply to clean, dry skin and marvel as the patch absorbs pimple fluid right before your eyes. If you're all about the gross-yet-satisfying gratification, then you'll love that Mighty Patch Chin takes things to a whole new level. Instead of a single white dot of mystery goo, I woke up to pinpricks of drawn-out oil and sebum on the entire chin-shaped patch. After peeling it off and washing my face with my morning cleanser, I could feel that my jawline was less congested.
At $17.99 for 10 patches, Mighty Patch Chin is still relatively affordable, but keep in mind that you probably won't be using them every day. As I mentioned up top, these are truly game-changing for hormonal acne, especially if your skin tends to flare up during your period. On a separate note, Rhyu herself mentioned that she relied on these to curb maskne during a recent trip to South Korea, where mask-wearing is still enforced. All that's left to say as far as dealing with stubborn breakouts is concerned? Keep your chin up.
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