10 Iconic Food Brands That Are Often Mispronounced

Big name food brands are typically iconic, globally-recognized companies. So casually dropping the names of, or listing off, these snack-centric giants shouldn't be confusing, right? Wrong. It turns out "iconic" and "globally-recognized" can sometimes directly correlate to iconically and globally mispronounced. When a brand has been a household name as far back as we can remember, who's exactly keeping track of how to say it out loud?
Up until this point, we were solely focused on consuming these products. But because we've already fallen prey to a slew of slaughtered trendy food terms, we'd like to think that we've learned from the errors of our mispronouncing ways.
Ahead we've rounded up ten of the most popular, and commonly misspoken, food brands on the market today. Scroll ahead to get some schooling in the shocking favorites you may have been verbally butchering all along — from candy bars, to boxes of classic cupboard pasta, store-bought seltzer water, Greek yogurt, and many more. As daunting as it may seem, remember, we're all in this together, regardless of whether it's "Ree-sees" or "Ree-sus."

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