Meet The Star Of The Upcoming SLC Punk! Sequel

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You may not know the name Hannah Marks just yet, but we're willing to put money on the fact that you will — very, very soon. Not only did the actress' latest film, Anesthesia, open to some very positive reviews at the Tribeca Film Festival, Marks is also slated to star in the upcoming Punk is Dead — the follow-up to cult favorite SLC Punk! 

Acting accolades aside, Marks has also caught the eye of Nick Barose — a makeup guru, and a favorite of ours over here at R29. Barose knows a star when he sees one, and  that's why he's so selective about whom he works with. From Lupita Nyong'o to Emma Roberts, Barose has a serious eye for upcoming talent, as well as incredible taste in cosmetics. Together, Barose and Marks played with Tom Ford eye shadows and NARS lipsticks. And, in between applying coats of Sisley Paris mascara before Marks' red carpet appearance at the Tribeca Film Festival, Barose and the actress got to chatting. Get to know Hannah, below. 

Tell us about your character in Anesthesia. 
"I play Ella Zarrow, Tim Blake Nelson's and Jessica Hecht's characters’ intelligent, precocious, 16-year-old daughter. She's struggling with the possibility of a medical issue within her family. My character is also the granddaughter of Sam Waterston's and Glenn Close’s characters."

What did you love most about making this movie?
"I loved getting to work so closely with Tim. Not only did he play my father, but he’s also the writer/director/producer. I was such a fan of his work as an actor. I love him in O Brother, Where Art Thou? and The Good Girl. He’s incredibly smart and kind." 

Have you enjoyed your first experience at the Tribeca Film Festival? Have you been able to see any films you've really liked?
"I think Tribeca is awesome. I saw Grandma with Lily Tomlin, by Paul Weitz, and it was so moving. And Sleeping With Other People with Jason Sudeikis, by Leslye Headland...was hilarious." 
Photo: Courtesy of Nick Barose.
You are the female lead in the much-anticipated sequel to SLC Punk!, called Punk's Dead. Tell us about what we can expect from that film and your character.
"It’s incredibly fun, and the fans of SLC Punk! will really enjoy it. It captures the same feeling of the first film, yet also embraces new characters and stories. I play Penny. I have pink hair and drive an old, red convertible, and [my character is] way tougher in the film than I am in real life. My best friends are played by super-talented Machine Gun Kelly and Ben Schnetzer. We had a great time in Utah together." 

You are also a writer, and your first feature film recently got optioned, which is really exciting. Do you hope to have a dual career?
"I would love to. That’s the dream, right there. I hope I can make movies for the rest of my life."     

What's your daily beauty routine?
"Moisturizer, concealer, eyeliner, and Burt's Bees [lip balm]." 

Who is your beauty icon?
"That’s a tough one. Probably Angelina Jolie, because she’s perfect in every way." 
Photo: Courtesy of Nick Barose.
What are your favorite "feel-good" tunes you love listening to while getting ready?  
"'Can I Kick It?' by Tribe Called Quest, 'We Can’t Stop' by Miley Cyrus, 'Lovely Day' by Bill Withers, 'I’ll Try Anything Once' by Julian Casablancas."

What's your one signature beauty tip?
"My lips are really pale, so I like to use a smooth lip liner — preferably plum or natural-colored — on my lips and then put a tinted Burt’s Bees colored chapstick over it." 

What's your signature perfume right now?
"I like Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath & Body Works." 

What it's like getting ready for the premiere for your first TFF? What were you wearing?
"It was a lot of fun, thanks to you and hairstylist Matthew Monzon! You guys made what could have been a nerve-racking experience easy and effortless and fun. I wore a gold-and-pink, lace dress from Topshop Boutique, paired with jewelry by Porter Lyons and Melinda Maria."

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