Your Hangover Face Is Officially High-Fashion

Whenever we wake up after tying one on the night before, we're not exactly gazing in the mirror while thinking we look amazing. Oh, no — it's typically the exact opposite. Makeup tutorials abound on how to deal with the sallow-skinned, puffy-eyed, all-parched-everything faces that haunt us during hangover hell. (Pro tip: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.)
But it seems like the fashion world has had a different opinion about our morning-after-boozing blues as of late. On the heels of Korea's "aegyo sal" undereye-bag trend (which is supposed to signal youth), makeup artists at New York Fashion Week have introduced high-fashion hangover makeup — undereye bags, sallow skin, post-drunk-crying-fit redness. And surprisingly, we actually kind of like it.
Click through to see the best instances of the trend, and what we're now aspiring to replicate on our post-boozing faces. Now the next time someone gives you the eyebrow-raised "Crazy night out?" question, you can just lie and say it's your trendy makeup look. Bottoms up, babes.

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