Easy Halloween Looks You Can Achieve With Just Makeup

Do I go spooky this year? Cutesy? Give up and just go for an overdone iteration of a sexy cat? These questions are inevitable as Halloween gets closer and closer. But if none of the aforementioned sound appealing to you — and you cringe at the thought of a headband with pointed, fuzzy ears (we don’t blame you) — then skip the Pinterest board scrolling and swipe through this article for inspo, instead.
These two makeup looks dreamed up by makeup artist Laura Stiassni — and crafted using exclusively Target Beauty products — are all you really need to make a statement (read: no head-to-toe outfit required). The best part? They’re super easy to recreate and you can adapt them to your heart’s desire. So if you’re more into pastels this season (or you’re just digging a different color combo), you can match each lewk to fit your aesthetic — both IRL and for your perfectly curated social feed.
What could possibly be a more perfect combo than glitter and all the colors under the sun rainbow? TBQH, there isn't one. Whimsical cloud-like shapes in seven punchy hues are meticulously mapped out so that the yellow shade from the CAI All That Glitters Eyeshadow Palette lands on your eyes' inner corners, which, according to Stiassni, brightens and opens them up. As for the shapes themselves? They don't have to be even — which gives us all the more reason to throw caution to the wind and just go for it. Not like we needed any convincing or anything.
There’s no doubt that we all have heroic abilities in some shape or form — whether it’s via motherhood, landing our dream job, or dishing out the best advice to our BFF — so why not fully embrace it and put it on display at said friend's Halloween party this year? This eye look reimagines the traditional superhero mask and uses solely makeup — like Wet n' Wild’s Paint Palette — to create it. Pro tip: Creamy makeup paints can be mixed and matched to blend hues that are just as unique as you are.

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