3 Boo-tiful Halloween Makeup Looks

With polyester cobwebs and black spiders dangling in windows across the city, it's pretty obvious that Halloween has crept up on us once again. And, as we find ourselves only weeks away from the hair-raising holiday, we are faced with a dreadful decision — what will our costumes be? No doubt, some of us embrace this fantasy-filled occasion and have been planning our wicked getups since last November. But, if your costume cauldron is looking a little sparse, this decision can be a harrowing one.
Alas, we’re here to show you how to create a trio of otherworldly Halloween looks with this DIY Halloween makeup tutorial. From a Brit fashion star (with brows to die for!) to the Queen Bee of Pop, this step-by-step guide shows you how the right beauty tools (and the occasional wig) can turn your costume nightmares into sweet dress-up dreams. We’ve even thrown in some goth glam as an ode to one of our fave freaky films. So, drop that bowl of candy, put your day-to-day look on the shelf, and let the hocus-pocus begin.
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The Character: Beyoncé as B.B. Homemaker ("Why Don't You Love Me?")
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Step 1: Apply foundation all over your face in a warm bronze tone. Then, using an angled brush, cover your entire eye lids with a stay-proof black shadow. Be sure to brush outward to create a dramatic cat-eye.
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Step 2: Use the same angled brush and fluid liner to shade in brows, apply it in short strokes to shade a solid eyebrow shape.
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Step 3: Take a dark charcoal shadow and blend it on your upper eyelid, smudging the base of your original line. Then, take the shadow to smudge under your lower lashline, too.
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Step 4: Apply false lashes of your choice, and apply mascara.
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Step 5: To create tear-stained cheeks, blend a dark eyeshadow and eye drops into a bowl, mix together, and apply the streaks to your cheeks using a Q-tip.
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Step 6: Line lips with a nude liner and add a soft pearly pink gloss on top.
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Step 7: Part hair diagonally.
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Step 8: Backcomb the left side.
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Step 9: Roll hair up and back, then secure with bobby pins.
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Step 10: Repeat steps 7-9 on the other side, and finish off by spraying the 'do with hair spray.
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Ta-da! Arm yourself with a phone receiver and a martini, and you're ready for a glam, spooky night out, Beyoncé style!
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The Character: Cara Delevingne
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Step 1: Apply a foundation a shade lighter than your natural color.
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Step 2: Use taupe shadow with a grey base to contour your cheek bones. Achieve this by brushing diagonally upward toward your ear.
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Step 3: Use the same colored shadow and apply it to the crease of your eye with a large blending brush. Then, contour your nose.
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Step 4: Apply a pale shadow to the center of the upper lid.
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Step 5: Apply a thin line of black liner to the top lid and the outer corner of the lower lash line.
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Step 6: After brushing mascara on your top and bottom lashes, apply individual eyelashes to both lashlines. Then, brush on a second coat of mascara.
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Step 7: Using an angled brush and a dark-brown brow mousse, fill in your brows heavily using short, sweeping strokes, which will create a bushy effect and a natural look.
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Step 8: Apply a light berry stain to the center of the lips.
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Step 9: Part your hair down the middle. Then, top it off with a baseball cap!
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Bingo, spot-on Cara! Now, all there's left to do is make one of her signature goofy faces.
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The Character: Lydia from Beetlejuice
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Step 1: Apply a very pale foundation to the face and neck.
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Step 2: Set the liquid foundation with a powder for a matte finish.
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Step 3: Apply a taupe eyeshadow under the eye in a half circle to create a dark circle.
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Step 4: Use the same taupe shadow on the upper lid and blend it with a medium-brown shade.
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Step 5: Shade in brows using a dark-brown eyeshadow.
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Step 6: Smudge a black shadow on the upper lid using an angled brush.
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Step 7: Smudge black eyeshadow on the lower lashline. Then, apply mascara.
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Step 8: Apply a subtle orange-peach color to your pout.
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And voila, Lydia in the flesh! Xoxo, gothic girl.
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