Pinterest Says These Are The Trendiest Halloween Crafts Of The Year

Photo: Getty Images.
Whether you're planning to host a Halloween party or you're just lucky enough to have a front yard to call your own, you may be in the throes of searching for the perfect Halloween decorations. Unfortunately, no one's going to get excited about the same-old paper skeletons anymore. Not in the age of Pinterest.
The craft-loving social media site has released its annual "Pinfrights" report, which includes the top-trending Halloween decorations of this year. Judging by this list, the DIY set is feeling more original than ever before, looking for unusual animal skeletons, nightmarish masks, and possibly the prettiest pumpkin upgrades you've ever seen. For some reason, none of this year's top 11 decor pins includes the mermaid skeleton we're currently coveting, but hey, maybe we're just ahead of the curve.
See which crafts you want to make for yourself, or just enjoy the efforts of others from the safety of your screen.