This Hair Accessory Trend Is About To Be Huge

Image: Courtesy of Colette Malouf.
Bobby pins, hair clips, and hair bands — these are the practical fasteners for hair styling that we've been using since we were kids. They're the glue that holds all our fancy braids, buns, and ponytails together, and just about every girl's got a stash of them at the bottom of a purse or tucked away in a drawer. While these age-old tools are tried and true, let’s talk about taking your hair (and style) game to the next level this holiday season.
Enter, the hair comb, otherwise known as multi-pronged magic for holding up your ‘do. Along with hair sticks, crowns, and barrettes, jewelry designers are bringing the comb trend into the mainstream, inspiring us to ditch our hair bands in favor of a more exciting touch. Your basic top knot days are about to be totally over. All it takes is a little practice and you'll be wielding your comb like a secret weapon — one that fends off bad hair days and adds some serious sparkle to your style. Behold, the best combs out there created by independent designers, and exactly how to wear them.

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