This Hair Accessory Trend Is About To Be Huge

Image: Courtesy of Colette Malouf.
Bobby pins, hair clips, and hair bands — these are the practical fasteners for hair styling that we've been using since we were kids. They're the glue that holds all our fancy braids, buns, and ponytails together, and just about every girl's got a stash of them at the bottom of a purse or tucked away in a drawer. While these age-old tools are tried and true, let’s talk about taking your hair (and style) game to the next level this holiday season.
Enter, the hair comb, otherwise known as multi-pronged magic for holding up your ‘do. Along with hair sticks, crowns, and barrettes, jewelry designers are bringing the comb trend into the mainstream, inspiring us to ditch our hair bands in favor of a more exciting touch. Your basic top knot days are about to be totally over. All it takes is a little practice and you'll be wielding your comb like a secret weapon — one that fends off bad hair days and adds some serious sparkle to your style. Behold, the best combs out there created by independent designers, and exactly how to wear them.
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Image: Courtesy of Nikki Jacoby.
Nikki Jacoby Combs

"Hair combs are great because they are a true throwback piece," says designer Nikki Jacoby. "People have used them for practical function and adornment for centuries! You can use them to instantly anchor and glamorize your quick top knot, or make an elegant statement for a fancy night out."

Our favorite way to wear this particular bad boy? Secure a bun high on your head with one of these combs, then slide the teeth of the comb in through one side, following down and through the hair underneath. Come out the other side, and use the comb to secure the bun to your head. Need a visual? Check out this blog for a quick how-to.
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Image: Courtesy of Anu Tera.
Anu Tera Combs

Dig an edgy hair statement? Estonian designer Anu Tera makes creepy, beautiful combs out of oxidized brass and leather that resemble something out of the deepest, darkest places in your mind. Her aesthetic will complement a wilder and more complicated style. Bored of your usual messy bun? Make it a black-leather night and secure your 'do with an Anu Tera piece.

Or, create a sleek low bun by twisting your hair and winding it up at the nape of the neck. Stick the comb straight down through the top of the bun, and out the bottom.
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Image: Courtesy of Luv Aj.
Sunny Brook Combs

L.A. blogger and celebrity hairstylist Sunnie Brook collaborated with Luv Aj designer Amanda Thomas to create a tough-looking line of hair combs and accessories. This one's a perfect complement for a half-up hairstyle or to hold a prim French twist in place in a more downtown way.

To secure a French twist or hold back one side of a shorter hairstyle, twist your hair back and use the push-and-flip comb trick. If your mom didn't teach you this back in the '80s, place the comb backwards over the twist with the teeth going in the opposite direction of how you want the comb to sit in your hair. Then, push the teeth through the twist. Flip the comb over, and push the teeth through the hair underneath the twist. As you push the teeth of the comb against your head, you will secure the twist in place. Here is a visual of the trick.
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Image: Courtesy of Bona Drag.
Aesa Combs

For a more architectural statement, New York designer Randi Mates of Aesa designs hair pieces using ancient Greek and Roman metal-working techniques. Her designs are a bit on the higher end, but are the sort of generationally wearable art piece that your grandchildren will find in your jewelry box in 60 years and stare at in wonderment. The classic two-prong hair comb design, seen in Aesa's collection for Bona Drag, has been used for centuries to hold up the longest, thickest of hair types. These simple and stunning adornments will keep tightly wrapped buns in place all day long.

Channel ancient royalty and try a braided bun secured with an Aesa comb for a formal gala. Flip your hair upside down and create a tight braid on the top of your head, then wrap the braid into a bun, tucking in the end to hide it. Stick your comb at an angle through the bun and into the hair underneath. Voila!
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Image: Courtesy of Stone Fox Bride.
Stone Fox Bride

Want something a little softer? Crown a bridal up-do, or sweep back baby curls on the flower girls with these hand-dyed silk beauties. Use them to decorate a chignon, or to secure smaller twists and accent braids in longer, flowing hairstyles.

These combs are more of a decorative accent, so use them once your hairstyle is already created and pinned into place. Wherever you want a burst of floral loveliness, slide the comb in, hiding the teeth against your head so only the flowers are visible. If you are wearing your hair down, use the comb to hold back one side, preferably on the lighter side of your part. Use the push-and-flip trick mentioned in the previous slide to hold the comb and hair in place.
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