Hair Advice For Guys From An Actual Barber

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While we like to think we can dish on all things fashion and beauty related, there are some things we like to leave to the professionals. Mainly, your man’s coif. Simple as it may seem, his mane should be left in the care of experts. Luckily, we have some on speed-dial. John Brija of State Street Barbers knows exactly what he's doing, and he's doling out advice for those who don't. Boys, learn somethin'.

What is the biggest trend you're noticing in men's hair?

"Classic-style cuts, more-defined parts, and a nice short taper."

What is one common mistake you wish guys would stop making?
"Men seem to think that shears give a better cut than clippers, which is simply not true. They relate clippers to buzz-cuts, but that's not their only use. A good barber knows how to use clippers the right way, which can lead to the best haircut."


What piece of hair advice do you dish out most often?
"If you're really thinning up top, it's time to take it short. You can tell when someone is trying to hide the baldness."

What's a good gift-package to buy for a man at your salon?
"A hot shave. A lot of men have never experienced one. I think it's a right of passage. Every man needs to have at least one in his lifetime. [$40 at State Street Barbers.]"

What is your favorite part about working with male clients in Chicago?
"How not-particular men are with their hair."

Visit John and the other talented barbers at State Street Barbers, 1151 West Webster Avenue (at Racine Avenue); 773-477-7721.

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