Gyms With Childcare For The Fitness Obsessed Parent

Photographed by Andi Elloway.
No matter who you are, going to the gym requires some planning. You have to find or create a free chunk of time on you calendar, and make sure you have a hair tie around your wrist or in your gym bag. If you're especially on it, maybe you even have a game plan for what workouts you'll do that day. But having kids adds an extra level of crafty scheduling to this.
Leah Segedie — the founder of and the author of  Green Enough: Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without Driving Your Family Crazy!) — explains that most parents have to put an extra amount of thought into when they workout, scheduling around school drop off and pick up and clarinet lessons. But one thing that helps them keep up with their sweat sessions is gyms that offer childcare services.
"Most people have no time for the gym already, but that is especially true of moms," Segedie says. "Time is one resource we can’t get back. Gyms that have childcare are respecting and valuing motherhood in general because it’s a recognition that we need support to be included. It opens the door so we can walk through."
Because of this, many parents pick their gym based on its childcare offerings. Here are a few of the best workout spots that are perfect for letting kiddos play while you flex.

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