Wanna Know What The Most-Searched Fashion Brand Is? We Know…

All right, it's time for some honesty — when we first heard about Bing's list of the top-searched fashion brands for 2011, we said a little prayer that went something like "Dear God, please don't let Ed Hardy or Ugg be on the list." Thankfully, our fears were unfounded, but that doesn't mean the rankings were without any surprises.
For the second year in a row, Gucci holds on to the first place spot, and is not followed by Louis Vuitton and Chanel, like we would have expected. Rather, Ralph Lauren and Y-3 took the second and third place spots, followed by LV, Chanel, Guess, J.Crew, Coco Chanel, John Galliano, and Burberry. While we're (pleasantly) surprised that top-shelf brands are the most widely browsed, we're totally loving that super-chic (and certainly more-affordable) brands like Guess and J.Crew also charted. On the downside, poor Chanel took a nasty tumble from 2nd to 5th place this year, but at least the brand showed up twice, right? And of course, no one is surprised to see John Galliano on the list, as his incident earlier this year was one of fashion's buzziest stories. In honor of this year's winners, we've rounded up some of our favorite goodies from each brand — the stuff we're searching for this season. Santa, we hope you're reading.

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