Lime-Green Shadow: The Best New Way To Highlight Your Eyes (Seriously)

green-eyeshadowPhotos: Courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana.
We like to think we're equal-opportunity eyeshadow lovers in that we've basically never met a shade we didn't want to at least try. But, trying something and actually adding it into your beauty repertoire are two very different things. We've dabbled with a neon eyeliner here, and a fuchsia lid there, but taking one of those less-than-basic shades and making it something that's both flattering and wearable on the reg? Well, that seemed like a makeup pipe dream to us.
Of course it would be Pat McGrath who showed us a way to expand our horizons with none other than lime-green eyeshadow. Yes, lime green. During a recent master class with the makeup legend, she accentuated a model's eye by dusting a light green, shimmery hue on the inner corner of the model's eye, just as you would use a champagne shimmer.
The green functions in the same way as a neutral, adding a gorgeous wash of color. It's one of those looks where people will look at your eyes and tell you they look amazing, but they won't be able to figure out quite why that is.
Apparently the photographer documenting the event was equally as awestruck by this revelation as we were, because he neglected to get a photo of the model with the finished look. Womp womp. Trust us, when we tell you it was gorgeous. We managed to snag the face chart with McGrath's sketch of the look. Sadly, you can't see the detail of the shadow in the corners of the eye — but, perhaps that's just the proof you need to show that lime green can actually be quite subtle.
Are you willing to give lime green a try?
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