37 Beauty Products Greek Girls Can't Live Without

Take a trip to Greece and you'll quickly notice that all the European beauty rules you thought you knew go out the window. There, on the Santorini cliffs or on the banks of Paros, you can call yourself a minimalist with two whole medicine cabinets filled with different kinds of sunscreen, spidery mascara, and enough dry shampoo to supply a freshmen college dorm room.
For Greek women, it's not about being low-maintenance vs. high-maintenance. Blame the easy-going attitude of the Mediterranean, but these women simply aren't here to make trends. They're here to look effortless — even if it actually took 20 products to get you there. We wanted to know more about this DGAF attitude, and we asked three Greek women for their daily routines. Here's a hint: They're expensive, sun-kissed, and loaded with SPF.
Ahead, the beauty products and practices straight from Greece that we're prepared to copy all year long.