The New Great Gatsby Trailer Is Giving Us A Sumptuous Sugar High

Despite any reservations our tenth-grade American Literature teacher may have, The Great Gatsby's second trailer has arrived, and this one is just as big, seductive, and filled with Pixy Stix technicolor goodness as the first one. Baz Lurhmann, who specializes in that exact moment where intensity turns into freneticism, has demonstrated his no-holds-barred approach to the Fitzgerald classic, with can-can dancers, classic Rolls-Royces zooming around at high speeds, and a roiling, anachronistic soundtrack (a Lurhmann trademark).
Purists beware: Leo DiCaprio's Gatsby isn't the slightly off, oddly aloof figure from the book. Instead, he's an impeccably dressed socialite with a braggadocio only Leo knows how to do, but Luhrmann manages to tease the brooding vibe from the duo's previous collaboration Romeo + Juliet out a bit, too. And Carey Mulligan? She plays right into Luhrmann's feast of the senses. The entire production seems, at first glance, totally over-the-top, ridiculous, and totally, totally amazing to look at.
Needless to say, we'll see you in theaters when The Great Gatsby opens on May 10, 2013.

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