The Season's Best Graphic Print Is On Your Nails!

Not only has the Art Deco graphic print survived The Great Gatsby's middling box-office returns, but it also made it to fall. That's why we were extra, extra psyched when Ashley "AstroWifey" Crowe cut through her competitors and took home the cup during our Nail Art Nation contest that we created with Revlon. See, on top of being an all-around, nail-art superstar, Crowe's sort of a master at Art Deco-style designs.
So, we asked Crowe, as part of her duties as our nail-art champion, to grab a handful of Revlon Nail products and whip up a pattern perfect for fall. With a combo of cooler and darker tones, it's exactly what you'll need to accent your next autumn ensemble. For more nail-art intel, keep on top of Crowe's blog. It's a winner.

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