Answers To The Skin Questions You Google Late At Night

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
Where would we be without Google? Seemingly any question in the universe can be answered in just a few seconds. What is that weird bump on my butt? Why do I have no matches on Bumble? Is butter a carb? But between all those WebMD "Am I Dying?" search spirals and existential inquiries that would probably be better answered by a licensed therapist, there are a hell of a lot of questions about skin care.
Earlier this year, Google released its 2017 insights, including the skin-care topics people are typing into the search engine. The top three, most-searched categories in the U.S.? Face masks, vegan skin care, and men's skin care.
If you'd rather not scroll through pages of reviews, we've curated our top picks for each, ahead. You could say that the search is over.

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