Bad Breath Be Damned: In Defense Of Morning Kissing

PHotographed by Lula Hyers.
One time, a few years back, I slept over at a friend with benefits' place. First thing in the morning, he asked me for a blowjob. “Can we kiss for a bit first?” I asked. No, he said: we both had morning breath. “We can brush our teeth?” I suggested. No, he said: that would kill the moment. (I left without giving him a blowjob.)
Morning kissing can be controversial. Haters say that morning breath ruins it. Fans (including me) say that bad breath fades once you get your mouths moving, and morning kissing can easily lead to morning sex
Both kissing and sex have a whole host of benefits, in the morning or at any other time of day. Kissing can help fight cavities and even lower your blood pressure. And sex, particularly morning sex, can relieve stress, increase productivity, and boost your immune system. And, of course, both feel great and can help you bond with your partner.
In one Reddit thread on the “the eternal question of morning sex versus morning breath,” people shared how they deal. Answers ranged from powering through the bad breath, to taking a moment to brush their teeth before beginning, to having sex without kissing and in a position that’s not face-to-face, such as spooning or doggy style. Those who wanted to minimize bad breath without getting out of bed suggested keeping a glass of water, mints, or gum on the bedside table for a quick fix. I’m with a user called jonesie1988: “If we wanna f*ck, we're gonna f*ck, breath be damned.”
Sex education resource Go Ask Alice offers a few more “breath and spirit-refreshing ideas” to make morning make-outs easier: drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially right before bed; brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash before bed; or stick to closed-mouth kisses in the morning. 
And, like other sex acts, morning kissing is also worth an out-of-bed discussion with your partner. "'Morning breath’ is about as common as bed-head, so a little mouth-to-mouth talk with your partner about your concerns probably won't come as a distasteful surprise to [them], and just might help to clear your mind, too,” Go Ask Alice advises.
Everyone has different dealbreakers when it comes to kissing and sex, and it’s fine if morning breath is one of yours. But if your partner is into morning make-outs, talk with them and find a solution you’re both happy with — such as taking a quick tooth-brushing break before beginning. If you want oral sex in the morning, though, be prepared to make your partner feel good, too. Selfishness isn't a good look, in the morning or any other time of day.

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