We Live Next Door To NYC — & Our Mortgage Is $3,400 A Month

In Refinery29's Sweet Digs, we take a look inside the sometimes small, sometimes spacious homes of millennial city dwellers. Today, in partnership with Target, R29 executive producer and Strong Opinions Loosely Held podcast host Elisa Kreisinger shows us around her impressive Glen Ridge, New Jersey home.
For plenty of millennials, there comes a time when renting an apartment just doesn't make sense anymore — whether it's due to rising costs, location, a new financial situation, or any other number of factors. Such was the case for R29er Elisa Kreisinger, who recently ventured further into the world of adulting by purchasing her first home alongside her partner, Meg.
The gorgeous, newly renovated property has three floors and is located in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, about 30 minutes outside NYC. "When we were looking for homes, we realized that we could get an entire house with a backyard and a garage and a driveway for less than we were paying for a one-bedroom [Brooklyn apartment]," Kreisinger reveals. "We both grew up in New Jersey, so it was important when moving back that we moved someplace that was accessible to both of our families. Glen Ridge just happened to be it."
She credits the house's airy environment and potential for entertaining multiple guests as two of the main factors that helped seal the deal: "We love having people over. Having an open-concept [floor plan] where you can see everybody was really important to us."
Click ahead to see how Kreisinger turned her 1,500-square-foot pad into a cozy retreat, and shop some of her top picks from Target's Made By Design collection.

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