It’s Girls Versus The Real World In The Season 4 Trailer

Hannah is trying to recruit everyone to move to Iowa in the official season 4 trailer for Girls, which just dropped today. The show doesn't return until January 11, but HBO and Lena Dunham have been whetting our appetites for a few months now with behind-the-scenes images and videos. The new trailer provides even more answers.
Hannah is officially an MFA student in Iowa. Although she tells Marnie that it's wonderful there and everyone should relocate, it looks like she has many of the same problems with the other students that she has with people in Brooklyn. Namely, she grates on them. But, since they're MFA candidates, they voice their frustrations with Hannah in the form of fictional characters named "Anna" who have tattoos and a compulsion to eat every two hours. Passive-aggressive writers — what can you do?
Back in Brooklyn, Marnie is making beautiful music with a man who already has a girlfriend. Shoshanna is finding herself quite ill-equipped for the real world (shocker). As for Jessa, she appears to be getting in some trouble with the law. And, even Adam is experiencing self-doubt for the first time in his life.
That seems to be a major theme of the season: Quarter-life crises spurring major changes that never quite seem to be the solution the gang thinks they will be. No matter what, though, Hannah will keep on dancing. Have you noticed how much Dunham loves to portray her character shaking her groove thing on Girls? Shake it off, Hannah et al. Shake. It. Off.

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