Hannah & Co. Are Back In This Massive Girls Season 4 Promo

Lena Dunham's hiatus from Girls has been an eventful one. But, the director/actor/writer/producer is about to get back to doing what she does best. Yep, you guessed it: directing, acting, writing, and producing.
The fourth season of Girls — Dunham's ode to Millenial angst — is set to premiere some time early next year. We already knew that Hannah has left New York to attend a writer's course in Iowa, but thanks to this giant preview courtesy of HBO, we now know a whole lot more.
We know that Elijah has tagged along with Hannah, and that the two of them engage in some underage shenanigans when they crash a frat party together. We also know that Marnie and Desi continue their partnership (both musical and romantic), which should make for some pretty awkward singing. Movie-star-in-the-making Adam Driver is back as Hannah's detached beau, Adam — but for how long? We'll also finally get to meet Shosh's mom, who'll be played by Ana Gasteyer. The ex-SNLer won't be the only guest star this season, as Zachary Quinto, Marc Maron, and Gillian Jacobs will all be making cameos.
2015 can't come fast enough.
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