Lena Dunham Says The Girls On Girls Aren’t Role Models

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Consider this a friendly reminder that the fictional characters you see on TV should not serve as templates upon which you should base your life. Oh, you knew that? That's because you're a rational human being who understands the difference between what you see on TV and reality. In the case of Lena Dunham and the characters on Girls, however, the distinction needs to be made. This seems to be a recurring problem with Girls.
In a PBS special called Makers: Women in Hollywood, Dunham reminds viewers that while she's trying to depict honest, true-to-life situations on Girls, it doesn't mean her characters have to be held up as role models. "When someone asks, 'Are the girls on Girls good role models?' I'm like, 'Are the guys on Entourage good role models? Is Larry David a good role model? Is Woody Allen a good role model?'"
There's a historical precedent for "men behaving badly," but when a TV show portrays females defying convention, its creator gets reprimanded for portraying poor behavioral standards. Just because Lena Dunham is depicting real life does not mean the characters she's created are going to act in a ladylike manner befitting of emulation and adulation. Also, it's 2014. Are we still continuing with this double standard for males and females?
After three seasons, however, some viewers and critics still aren't getting the message. So, we made a handy list of just a few of the times Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna behaved in a non-role-model-like manner. (E! Online)
girls14_68Photo: Mark Schafer/HBO.

— Accidentally smokes crack.
— Breaks up with Ray in favor of freewheeling sexual exploits.

— Lies about needing to be picked up from rehab.
— Skips her own abortion.

— Uses her friends' lives as fodder for her book.
— Does cocaine and walks around in a see-through mesh tank top.

— Has sex with her best friend's ex-boyfriend.
— Masturbates at work.

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