Watch This Girl Deadlift Over Twice Her Body Weight

Whether you're into weight lifting or not, prepare to be impressed: This video shows 140-pound Michelle (a.k.a. Little Shelley) deadlifting over twice her own weight.  The video was originally posted by reddit user ape288, who is Michelle's trainer and older brother. As the video shows, Michelle could lift 175 pounds when starting to train just four years ago. By last August, she'd upped that number to 315 pounds. The latest video shows Little Shelley making it to a new milestone — 350 pounds. This also happens to be 2.5 times her body weight. (As Michelle's brother points out, it's also twice the weight that she started with — a feat that secures her a solid spot among other badass #GirlsWhoLift.) Feeling inspired yet? Learn how to do a beginner's deadlift here. Or, for a little more variety, check out our guide to getting started in the weight room — who knows what you'll be lifting soon!

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