This Girl Spied On Her Best Friend's First Date In Disguise

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking — aside from worrying that the conversation will be awkward as hell, there's also the worry that the person you're meeting up with might be a serial killer (no? Just me?). Many of us have probably texted a friend to let them know where we'll be, just in case, or have even sent directions for someone to call us while on our dates in case we need an exit strategy. But one girl took it to a whole new level by actually showing up to her friend's date — in disguise.
Dawsyn Eubanks was having a meal with her date when she got a text from a friend, reading, "Why aren't you eating your food?" Confused, she asked her friend what was happening, and was told to look behind her.
Turns out, her friend Georgia had donned a disguise — complete with a mustache — just to make sure that her date went well.
Of course, after Eubanks posted the photos to Twitter, it blew up, with over 150,000 retweets at the time of writing. Best friend goals, indeed.
And for the record, the date did go well. (Though no word yet on whether Eubanks's date realized what was going on.)
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