Giles' Decapitated Cartoon Animal, Karl Lagerfeld's Bib, and Burberry Is The Clothing Equivalent Of A Cougar

According to Giles fall '10, the It-Bag of the season will be a giant, decapitated head of a googly-eyed cartoon beast. Any bets on how this one will sell? (WWD)
New trend for fall: Lobster bibs a la the one Karl Lagerfeld wore out last night. Ha! JK, duh! But then again, you're wearing clogs right now, aren't you? (The Onion)
Burberry wants to attract "Millennials" who are those born in the '80s. Does this make Burberry the chicest cougars ever, or what? (Vogue UK)
Fashionista drafts up an ode to Clueless. We raise our Evians in toast. (Fashionista)
Ever been digitally snubbed by HR for a job you applied for? Here's one magazine applicant who got one talk-to-the-email-hand too many. (NYT)

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