This Is What A Ghost Really Sounds Like

Photo: XLrator Media/Everett Collection.
The creepy events of the horror film Dark Signal, which hit U.S. theaters on Friday, hinge upon a call from beyond the grave. The ghost of a murdered woman makes contact with a local radio station, urging listeners to discover the identity of her killer.
Sure, this is a compelling way to kick off a scary movie, but what's even more impressive is the clarity of the recording. In the world of paranormal investigation, recordings of spirits speaking (real or faked, depending on your beliefs) are a dime a dozen, but most of them are barely audible. These snippets of spooky dialogue are called electronic voice phenomena (EVP) recordings, and they're usually riddled with static — and they warrant at least a couple replays to understand completely.
But that doesn't mean they aren't worth a listen. Picking up sounds from the other side can be the first sign that you really are dealing with a haunting. And what your ghost has to say can tell you more about who they were in life (and if they mean you harm).
Though the veracity of EVP recordings has long been questioned, we're total suckers for a good scare, even if it means having to crank up our earbuds to the highest volume. Ahead, listen to some of the internet's most convincing ghostly recordings. Whether you buy them as the real recorded voices of ghosts or think they're totally bogus, maybe avoid listening after dark.