5 Techniques For Faking Your Way To Long Lashes

elongate_your_lashes_slide1_annaIllustrated by Anna Sudit.
Whether you’re going for dramatic or demure, a long, lush lash is an absolute beauty essential, perfect for amping up that smoky stare or finishing off your natural, sun-kissed glow.
Although growth serums are all the rage at the moment, the expert tips we're sharing here for creating elongated, lust-worthy lashes don't involve waiting six weeks; plus, they're simple techniques you can easily do at home.
Curl Your Lashes
I know eyelash curlers look intimidating (more gadget-y than glamorous), but trust me when I say this is one tool that makes a major difference. When lashes are straight, they can easily disappear into your lashline. But, when they're curled, they command attention and give the eye a fresh, wide-awake look.
Start by positioning a hand mirror at your chin. Capture the lashes, and position the rubber at the root of the lash. Squeeze the lashes with the curler for a minimum of 30 seconds. Holding for this full time is key to giving the lashes a chance to respond to the curl.
elongate_your_lashes_slide3_annaIllustrated by Anna Sudit.
Ditch The Dried-Out Mascara
Old, past-its-prime mascara tends to flake off, especially at the tip of lashes, which will have the effect of making them appear shorter — not longer. By using a fresh tube, you are ensuring that every millimeter of lash is fully coated.
Replace your mascara every three months — if not sooner. If you are a mascara junkie like me, you might need a new tube as often as every three weeks. To avoid prematurely drying out your mascara, make sure you are properly twisting the tube shut and never pumping the wand.
Pile On The New Mascara
Years ago, mascaras were heavy enough that adding multiple coats would drag the lashes down. Modern-day formulas have new technology that is specifically developed to handle multiple applications, so lashes won't clump or go south. By building up several coats of mascara, you can actually add physical length to your lashes.
Ultimately, you want to choose the right mascara for you, but I'm partial to an elongating mascara. I am a big fan of Blinc Mascara P46017. Start with a naked, curled, underlined lash. Begin by dipping the wand once and applying a coat on the top eyelashes of one eye. Follow by re-dipping the wand and apply a layer on the top lashes of the other eye. Then, use whatever is left over to do the bottom lashes of both eyes. Finish by re-dipping the wand, and while looking down in your mirror, tap the mascara wand on the ends of the lashes, starting with one eye and moving back and forth. Tap one to 10 times, or as many as you wish, to add extra length.
When applying the mascara, use this three-step technique: Bump the wand in at the root, roll it forward to capture each lash, and grind it back and forth while pulling up! “Bump and grind” black or brown mascara into the top lashes, making sure to get from the root to the tip. Always check to see that mascara stains the whole lash. When applying mascara to bottom lashes, use a pressing or kissing motion.
elongate_your_lashes_slide2_annaIllustrated by Anna Sudit.
Underline, Don't Over-Line
Bold eyeliner can distract from your lashes, forcing them to blend into the lined look and disappear so you actually can’t see them. Leave the lid free of any cat-eye liquid looks, and underline instead. Underlined eyes — a major trend on the runway and red carpet this year — will look bigger, giving you a thicker, lusher lashline.
Underline the top lashline. Focus on getting the product in at the root so eyeliner is virtually undetectable but still adds some intensity. Use a soft eye kohl in a dark brown or black tone. I prefer black, especially with black mascara.
When lining the eye, focus on building up the product in between the lashes at the root and underneath. The technique is essentially filling in the negative space between each lash and leaving the eyelid completely naked. We love the way Julianne Moore exemplifies this gorgeous look.
Remove Makeup Gently
Scrubbing and picking at lashes will cause them to prematurely fall out or break. Instead, gently shimmy a cleansing towelette back and forth across your eye to remove mascara, eyeshadow, liner, and any other makeup. Use a Q-tip and liquid eye-makeup remover for more stubborn products. I love Lancôme's Dual Action Makeup Remover.
One final tip: After the shower, dry lashes gently with a towel to fluff them up naturally. Do this, plus the five other tips above, and you'll get the long, lush lashes you want.

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