The Supermodel Way To Master The Post-13-Hour-Flight Photo

Photographed by Jessica Nash
Models are a special kind of chameleon. The coolest ones have the ability to stand out, even when their lives and careers are whirling ahead. Georgia May Jagger, whose gap-tooth smile is as iconic as her last name, has the routine down. She combines her rock-star swagger with her carefree attitude to adjust, adapt, and master the art of the instant style transformation. Jagger, the face of Sunglass Hut for the fourth year in a row, slowed down just long enough to talk to us at the Shades Of You event last week in New York's Washington Square Park. She laid out a few tips for anyone whose hectic schedule warrants a quick sartorial (or mood) switch-up. And for everyone else, her carefree attitude might just inspire a change in tune.
Today’s all about the power of an instant transformation with the right pair of sunglasses. Changing up your image is a huge part of your job. Do you consider it to be part of your personal style, as well?
"Yeah, definitely. Even this dress [I'm wearing], for me, is girly. I’m much more of a jeans, leather jacket, boots kind of person, but I like feeling girly sometimes. I don’t think you need to be pigeon-holed. It's whatever the vibe is." Okay, so how do you switch up your style in an instant? Say you get off a 13-hour flight and need to be camera-ready ASAP — what do you do?
"I have to do it a lot. I have to go on a massive flight and then change in the bathroom of an office. I think the tricks are just a really great outfit that makes you feel like you’re dressed up, some makeup or clean skin if that’s the best you can do, and some of those eye-mask patches. I'll put those or a full face mask on. It's really bad." And what if you have to get ready for a last-minute date in all of five minutes?
"Spend most of your time picking out your outfit, and bring your makeup in the car. It’s easier to do it in the car or on the tube. Or just be late." How about three pieces of clothing or accessories that always have transformative powers?
"A little black dress or red dress, sunglasses, and a leather jacket." Beyond fashion, what do you do to change your mood on days you’re just not feeling it?
"I’ll put on some hip-hop, and it makes me feel different. Or just having a conversation with a friend or a loved one can change your mood." Rapid changes are pretty par for the course for a fashion model. What's one of the craziest ones you’ve had to endure?
"Probably having multicolored hair last summer. It didn’t take long. Thirty minutes or an hour to go from blonde to every color." Now, real talk: How long does it actually take you to get ready in the morning? Can you do it in an instant or do you take your time?
"Well, for me, because I’m getting ready to go get ready [for a shoot, job, etc.], it doesn’t take me very long. I would say 10 minutes."

Even when you’re off-duty?
"Yeah. I’m really bad — I set the alarm for 10 minutes before I’m supposed to leave the house."

And, finally, how do you go from 60 to 0? What's the Georgia May Jagger way to get instantly chill as soon as you walk through the door?
"My sofa's like a daybed, and I like to lie on it in a really unflattering position, like this [hunches over], watching bad TV for hours until I fall asleep."

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