Gemma Ward Returns, Covers The Sunday Times, And Opens Up About Heath Ledger

The fashion world hasn't seen Gemma Ward for the past few years, after dominating every major fashion magazine and runway for a stretch of seasons. Now, she returns to the spotlight with a cover on The Sunday Times and a quick Q&A in The Herald Sun. She reveals details about her relationship with Heath Ledger for the first time:
"I have taken a break from the media spotlight for the past few years and it was something spurred by Heath's death. We first met in New York and we were both struggling with things that I won't get into, and we bonded over that. I kind of met him at first and said, 'Listen my mum's living with me right now and I'm kind of going through a hard time and I'm not interested in having a serious relationship with somebody right now' and he was like, 'You know, um, let's just be there for each other through these hard times we're both going through'. And we developed a relationship and we started seeing each other. [...] There was no one like him - and no one will ever be like him. I'm just so grateful I got to meet him and get as close as I did with him.
"But in the full capacity of my life, it was a reassessment of everything and I've made a commitment to myself to address some things that were coming up to do with Heath's passing and also things that were troubling me before we met. So it was a retreat from many things in my life and I did think it was important for me to focus on those things."
The Sun also reports that Ward will star in Australian play, "The Ugly One", and will appear in the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. She also plans to return to modeling in the future.
Read the full interview, here.

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