5 Things To Know This A.M. — Jan 09 2013

We may have made a resolution to keep our wallets closed more often this year, but that won't stop the rest of the world from grabbing at more of our funds. Twelve of our sacred everyday practices will be more expensive in 2013 — Goodbye over-night shipping, goodbye smartphones, goodbye...cereal. (The Fiscal Times)
Though it may seem like the aesthetically blessed among us have the easiest go of it, we've all got our hang-ups and, worst of all, we all age. Two ex-models talk about life after hot. (Slate)
Sometimes life imitates rom-coms in the best possible way — like when brooding actor Garrett Hedlund surprises Kirsten Dunst with a moonlight canoe ride, and the canoe topples over. What madcap! (NY Post)
Relive the magic of the '70s-music documentary Festival Express at Williamsburg's latest venue opening tonight. Move your platforms to the sound of DJ sets by David Cross and Jaleel Bunton of TV on the Radio. (DNAInfo)
Experimental, trash-chic designer Gareth Pugh likes Delorean cars, among other things, and we're totally on board. (Bullett)

Photo: Via Bullett